Negotiation Paper

Negotiation Paper.

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Define and discuss the concepts of distributive and integrative bargaining (also known as interest-oriented negotiation). Please do this in a concise way (5-7 pages) using the Cialdini text, class discussion, and additional research.

  1. Interest Oriented Negotiation: Please discuss this concept (also called integrative bargaining) and include your references. (If you use the Internet, please be sure to include the complete URL of any citations (See example below). Discuss the difference and relative merits and drawbacks of Positional Bargaining and Interest-oriented Bargaining.
  2. Conflict Resolution: Discuss the conflict resolution skills needed for effective negotiation. This should be looked at from perspectives of working within a group or team and between groups, teams, or companies. Identify the types of conflict you have personally encountered in work situations and discuss the role of the Liking influence strategy and the Reciprocation influence strategy in resolving conflict. Use specific information and quoted from the Cialdini text to support your ideas.
  3. Ethics and Bargaining: In your opinion, what is the most difficult part of behaving in an ethical way in negotiations? As a framework for your answer, use the general ethical guidelines expressed in the classroom handout? You can also find this handout on the course Canvas site in the Modules section.

Internet referencing example:

Spangler, B. (2012). Integrative or Interest Based Bargaining. Retrieved on 11/14/19 from:…

Negotiation Paper

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