Networking: Connecting Computing Devices

Networking: Connecting Computing Devices.

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In this Assignment, you will prepare an instructional report that explains your recommendation for a network.

To: Technology Advisor

From: Client Relations

Re: Client networking request

Johnnie Leigh just received her degree in management and will soon be managing her parents’ store. She thinks that her parents really need to “move into the 21st Century” by employing technology to help them run their store. Please prepare a report explaining how Johnnie Leigh can network the store. Below are some facts you need to know.

  1. The store has limited funds to invest in a network.
  2. Johnnie wants to install three computers:
    1. One at the front to process orders/payments
    2. One in the back room to manage the accounts
    3. One in the house (next to the store on the same property) to access information after hours
  3. The store does not store customer credit card numbers.
  4. The store does keep customer names and addresses but only if the customer wants to be on the mailing list.
  5. The maximum distance between computers is 200 feet.
  6. The Joneses currently have a cable Internet connection inside the store.
    1. It is a business account.
    2. Download/upload speed is 75/15.
  7. The store and home were both constructed in the early 1900s and are standard wood construction. (All wiring is up to code.)


Prepare an instructional report that explains your recommendation for a network.

Please include the following in your report. Make sure you thoroughly explain all recommendations.

  1. Network architecture
    1. PAN, LAN, HAN, MAN, or WAN
    2. Client/server or peer to peer
  2. Transmission media
    1. Wired or wireless
    2. If wired, what type of cable do you recommend? Note: You do not need to calculate amount of wire needed.
  3. Network hardware
    1. Note: The Joneses already have a modem supplied by the cable company.
    2. Identify appropriate hardware including specifications. For example, D-Link DI-514. Make sure you give the specifications and explain why it is appropriate for the clients. You do not need to include price.
  4. Network security including backup
    1. Identify any hardware or software that may be necessary.

When answering these questions, please write 3 to 4 sentences on each topic. Remember to explain why your recommendations are appropriate given the facts. Give examples where appropriate. Use a minimum of 2 sources other than your book. Remember to cite your sources. and APA reference

Networking: Connecting Computing Devices

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