Networking ( Task 7)

Networking ( Task 7).

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Week 7 – Switching and Protocols

Switching is practically invisible (and occurs at layer 2 of the OSI model) and generally not an issue unless you want to create a vlan, or alter the flow of data traffic for some reason. But hey, we gotta cover it because it’s a part of networking, and the switch has greatly improved networking speeds. Also, because there really isn’t much to switching (there shouldn’t be for an IT professional) we squeeze in protocols this week!

For your task, please answer the following questions:

1. When a website is not secured which TCP port is associate with that?

2. Which TCP port is associated with a secured website?

3. Which Protocol would you run to find the Routing Table?

4. Which Protocol would you run to find MAC Address table?

5. Tracing the your Routers footprint which command would you use?

Running a public network internet connection can be a heavy risk since it allows a number of unknown and anonymous devices to come into the organization and potentially cause havoc on the network. How would you control access to such a connection?

Networking ( Task 7)

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