Paper details KINGSBOROUGH COMMUNITY COLLEGE of The City University of New York Essay Topics 2, Spring 2021 Philosophy 7100: Ancient Philosophy Professor Barnhart Choose one of the following topics and write a 1,200 word essay (4 typed pages, double-space) in response. Make sure your answer is focused on the question and give reasons anchored in what we’ve read this term. Don’t just respond to each portion of the question separately. Make sure you’re writing an integrated essay, a discussion. Be convincing. Consider how someone who disagrees with you might respond and what you might offer in answer. 1. All the texts we’ve studied this term deal with the fundamental question “What am I?” and could be ways of satisfying the ancient Greek command to “Know thyself.” Which answer do you favor and, most importantly, why? What makes it a better answer than the others? 2. How would you explain the difference between the ideas of a soul, the atman, and the “self” of the Tao Te Ching (see especially #13)? Is there any reason to recommend the one over the others as an idea or concept? 3. Each text we’ve read portrays the world in starkly different terms. Which vision of the world do you think is the most credible? Why? What makes it superior to the others?

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