Nothing about us Without us

Your assignment is to identify and reflect on a situation in which the ?Nothing About Us Without Us? philosophy applies. For example, you might be interested in mental health as a public health issue. If so, you would locate a resource such as Why ‘Nothing About Us Without Us’ Matters to Mental Health. (Links to an external site.) NOTE: DO NOT use this particular online resource for this discussion board activity! /0x4*

After you identify the health issue or population (i.e., any underserved or vulnerable population), locate a resource to review and share with your classmates. I expect that, through this discussion board activity, you will have an opportunity to learn from each other about multiple groups of people with whom the Nothing About Us Without Us philosophy strongly resonates. This is truly an assignment in which you can “step into the shoes” of people who are very different from you.

I recommend you take this opportunity to learn more about the topic you have chosen for your advocacy action plan as this discussion board will require you to look at an issue from a very unique perspective! Let the learning begin!

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