NUR4244LL Health Promotion and Maintenance

NUR4244LL Health Promotion and Maintenance.

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Core Clinical Objective

  • Integrate knowledge of expected growth and development, health promotion and prevention strategies to achieve optimal health.

Activity Statements

  • Assess needs of the client or community related to health promotion and disease prevention.
  • Plan and/or participate in community health education.
  • Participate in population focused health promotion and disease prevention strategies.
  • Assess the impact of client behaviors on the promotion of health and well-being among the community.

Reflective Questions

  • How could you utilize community health data to focus on health promotion and disease prevention strategies in your practice?
  • How would you adapt health education materials for the needs of your clients?
  • What recommendations would you make regarding changing health behaviors to your clients?


Please review the grading rubric before beginning your reflection on the above core clinical objective. Make sure to answer the reflective questions thoroughly with substantial reference to your practicum experience.

NUR4244LL Health Promotion and Maintenance

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