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In nursing, discharge planning begins at the time of admission. The same applies to molding leadership in nursing. Building new leader in nursing begins in nursing school. The need for continual growth of leadership in nursing is high. The nurse that is a great leader at the bedside may not be equipped to be a leader in the administration arena. Ever nurse has his or her specific place that they are best at leading and if is the responsibility of the nursing community to grow and mature those nurses to be a great leader where they are most effective.
Inter-professional relationship is much like collaboration. For example, the need for pediatric early intervention arises in the hospital for a pediatric patient that is being discharged and will need therapy in an outpatient clinical setting. A group consisting of the pediatricians, speech therapist, physical therapist, hospital administrators meet to collaborate on how to create an early intervention program.
One way nurses can impact leadership in healthcare in the future is taking the responsibility for one’s own personal growth. Too many nurses clock in and clock out without ever contributing to any leadership area. It is up to us nurses to have our voices heard. Nurses are the voice for the patients. Nurses can move mountains, whether in a group or as an individual. History has a way of repeating itself. Therefore, there will always be nurses that are instrumental in leadership. Examples of great leaders can be found throughout the history of nursing. From Florence Nightingale, the founder of modern nursing to Deborah Burger, President of the California Nurses Association, there are nurses that have changed the way things are done. Nurses have redesigned the IV pole to have illumination so that IV fluids can be seen when rooms have to be darkened.
It is up to not only each individual nurse to be responsible for his or her own role in leadership, but the nursing community as a while to create an environment to foster new leaders.

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Nursing Leadership 2

Nursing Leadership 2.

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1-Mention the types of budgets that you know and give examples of then?

2- What is budgeting?

3- What is directed and indirect cost?

4- Give examples of productive and non-productive hours?

5- What does HMO, PPO, POS means?

A) Mention one example of each of then in your city, or state?

6- What is DRGs.?

7- Give some examples of strategies for Cost-conscious nursing practice that your Nursing unit use to lower medical care cost?

Nursing Leadership 2

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