Nursing Theorist Paper

Select a Nursing Theorist that interests you. Conduct a brief literature search on the theorist and select 2-3(peer-reviewed) articles/books/.  After reviewing the articles, compose an APA paper summarizing the Nursing Theorists Theory and its significance to the nursing profession. A minimum of two articles are required.

Content of Paper


      The introduction is used to establish the context of your review to the reader. To establish the context, it is important to do the following in this opening paragraph:

a.       Define the topic of your study and provide any background information that helps your reader to understand the topic.

b.      Explain your reason (perspective) for reviewing the literature on this topic.


This section includes the summary of the findings from articles reviewed regarding the Nursing Theorist and his/her theory. Include the theories’ significance to the nursing profession


This is the last paragraph of the paper. In this paragraph, it is important to summarize the main findings from the articles that you reviewed


This is the last page of your review. It serves as a listing of all references that you mentioned in your paper. Please use APA style when completing this list.

*Use language that is appropriate for a scholarly critique and organize your paragraphs to make your meaning clear. Use headings to demarcate major sections of your paper

Length- the paper should be between 3 pages, typed, double-spaced, 12-point Times New Roman font, APA formatted including cover page (not counted in the 3-4 page limit) with a title, your name, and other information identifying the nature of the paper.  Citations must be formatted according to APA guidelines. Keep in mind only 20% of a paper can include citations.

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