nursing theory discussion #12 reply

nursing theory discussion #12 reply.

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Dalia Mesa

The family nurse practitioner can work in a number of settings which include in clinics where they can provide their expertise to the community families. Nurse practitioners can also work in private offices and practice where they can render their expertise primarily and only to families that employ the use of the specific private practice. Subsequently nurse practitioners can also employ the use of hospice centers , nurse managed health centers , school clinics, home health care and community health centers. These are some of the many and central areas that the family nurse practitioner can practice and provide their working expertise.

Moreover the role that the family community nursing access model has and plays in healthcare is immense as it encomapssess and fills many aspects of the healthcare field. Subsequently, “An NP is an essential part of a transdisciplinaryhealth team. The combination of medical skills and nursing care provide a unique role that can fill gaps in many primary care settings, and improve patient outcomes.”(Wessel, n.d.g)


Wessel L, A (n.d.g)Nurse Practitioners in Community Health Settings Today. PDF

# 2

Discussion 7: Dayana De Leon

Community health nursing is an essential part of healthcare delivery, especially in vulnerable populations. Community nurses play a critical role in disease prevention, health promotion, healthcare follow-up, disability alleviation, and management of primary care. Community health nursing is made possible through the application of the community nursing practice model which combines the skills of social work, public health, and nursing in the improvement of healthcare conditions, alleviation of illnesses, and the rehabilitation of communities (Hartzler, Tuzzio, Hsu & Wagner, 2018). In particular, the elements of practice under the Community Nursing Practice Model can be used to ensure better health outcomes for underserved communities.

In underserved communities, the community health nursing model can be used to address healthcare disparities. Patients living in underserved communities share unequal burdens of mortality and morbidity because of discrimination, socio-economic marginalization, and other related factors. Community health nurses can achieve better health outcomes in underserved communities through several key elements of practice. These include assessment of population needs, identification of community health determinants, equitable implementation of health policies, and evaluation of community health initiatives.

Overall, the community healthcare model provides an avenue for healthcare stakeholders to build partnerships across a wide range of social-economic settings. The model provides a framework for healthcare delivery that builds upon community resources and local expertise. Extant research shows that the model is effective in the delivery of all types of care (Hartzler, Tuzzio, Hsu & Wagner, 2018). The one MSN essential that correlated with the Community Nursing Practice Model is Essential VIII which reads, Clinical Prevention and Population Health for Improving Health (American Association of Colleges of Nursing, 2017). The essential recognizes the need for master’s prepared nurses to design healthcare delivery models that are suited to individuals, families, and targeted communities.


American Association of Colleges of Nursing. (2017). The essentials of master’s education in nursing. March 21, 2011.

Hartzler, A., Tuzzio, L., Hsu, C., & Wagner, E. (2018). Roles and Functions of Community Health Workers in Primary Care. The Annals Of Family Medicine, 16(3), 240-245. doi: 10.1370/afm.2208

nursing theory discussion #12 reply

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