Nutrition and Food

Nutrition and Food.

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irections: Please refer to the guidelines below as it outlines instructions for completing this assignment. In addition, pay particular attention to due dates:

  • Each student must develop a Powerpoint Presentation on assigned chapter (see Assignment Tab for assigned chapters) using appropriate audiovisual materials. The presentation should address pertinent information in the chapter.
  • Submission of an outline for the presentation (what topics from your chapter that will be discussed in powerpoint presentation) is due on November 1st via email. Feedback will be given, if needed, regarding structure and content of proposed outline.
  • Students must submit the following:

  • Assigned chapter of PowerPoint Presentation
  • At the end of the powerpoint – the recipe of your prepared dish , photos or a video of
  • the student preparing dish, as well as a photo or video holding the prepared dish, Utilize some of the information presented in the PowerPoint that shows the following:

  • Color
  • Variety
  • Texture
  • Nutritional Value (i.e. Is the dish nutritious and healthy?)
  • The dish/item must be quick, convenient, and economical.
  • The following must be submitted in Blackboard for grading:
  • PowerPoint Presentation of assigned chapter
  • Photo or video of student preparing and holding the prepared dish
  • Recipe of the prepared dish with information on Color, Variety, Texture, and
  • Nutritional Value of prepared dish

    Please send as an attachment via Blackboard for grading. (Due Friday, November 22nd by 11:59 p.m.)

    Nutrition and Food

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