of this assignment is to highlight the locations of different groups of living primates around the world. You can find some of this information in your textbook and the online lectures. Other information you may need to find online. Be careful with online information! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

Print or use two copies of the world map You will complete four different geographic identifications A, B, C and D. Part A: On one copy of the map, please locate New Vs. Old world as it refers to indigenous new and old world primates (see primate classification lecture). Part B: On the same map as Part A, I would like you to identify and geographically locate three separate species of New World Monkeys (howlers, capuchins, sakis, tamarins, marmosets, spider monkeys etc…) as well as three species of Old World Monkeys (baboons, mandrills, macaques, langurs, vervets, guenons etc)…. You will have to look up this information. These primates are not listed on the instructions. You can use the book, notes, “Pick a Primate” discussion and optional movies i.e. Primates and Social climbers) to help you with this. Part C: On a second, separate copy of the world map locate one country/region where each of the listed ape species lives: Chimpanzees Bonobos Gorillas Orangutans Gibbons Siamangs Part D: locate one country/region where each of the listed prosimian species live: Lemur Loris Galago If you identify these primates with color or symbols, please create a key so that I know which color or symbol corresponds with which primate. Don’t forget to use at least two copies of the World map

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