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Paper details Provide a brief overview of your topic. What is the premise or premises for the argument? Why is the topic being discussed? What is the conclusion? Describe any personal connection that you may have to the topic. Why is this topic of interest to you? The topic I have chosen to focus on for my final project is . To summarize, the topic presented in this article is about . The premise or premises for the argument is/are . This topic is relevant and being discussed because . The conclusion is _______. The personal connection I have to this topic is . This topic is of particular interest to me because .

In this section, you will begin to explore the argument in your chosen artifact. You will uncover the logical structure of the argument. Describe the argument made by the article and artifact. Identify the key facts, research, or resources the argument is based on. Provide as many examples as possible to support your identification, as this will help you with your final project. Describe the logic and reasoning used to advance the argument. Considering the premises and conclusion, what logic and reasoning is used to advance the argument? What questions are left unanswered? Describe any gaps or weaknesses present in the logic and reasoning used to advance the argument.

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