online homework

online homework.

I need an explanation for this Accounting question to help me study.

Homework is assigned on Connect, a web-based learning, assignment, and assessment environment required for this course. Instructions to access Connect are at the link above.

  • See our Connect website for assigned problems. Homework is due on the date specified on the Connect website, Canvas, and the schedule in this syllabus.
  • Homework is a key tool you will use to learn the concepts of each chapter. Find an approach to homework that will provide you with an optimum learning environment. Working in study groups is one good option. Begin to work on homework before class so you can ask questions before it is due. Plan ahead and do not wait until the last minute to complete homework. And please seek help if you are struggling.
  • Connect has been set up to allow for 3 attempts for each homework assignment. You are also granted 3 “check my work” per problem. Click the check my work icon at any time to check your answer. The actual answer will not be displayed, however if your answer is incorrect you can try again. I strongly suggest you complete the problem before beginning to use the check my work tool.
  • After you submit your first assignment you will be given your score and granted two more attempts. Each new attempt will retain your correct work and restore the 3 “check my work”.
  • No full-credit homework extensions will be granted, Connect will automatically deduct 10% of your final score for each day the assignment is late. If you are unable to complete the assigned homework because of extenuating circumstances, please notify me on or before the date the assignment is due.

online homework

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