Operations management and supply chain aspects of manufacturing

Overview: During this course you will be considering a real-world study of the operations management and supply chain aspects of manufacturing an actual product and getting it to the end consumer. Each week you will add to your draft paper a section on the topics covered that week and how they apply to your product supply chain. /0x4*

Assigned Topic: The product for this project will be a cardiac pacemaker. Consider the process start to be procurement of raw materials for manufacturing and the end of the process to be the patient receiving the pacemaker during surgery.

Week 2 Focus: – In your writing address the following (600 words): – Consider the planning process specifically related to the cardiac pacemaker: – How will you know how many to produce ongoing? – What are the inputs to your forecasting and demand planning?

What assumptions will you need to make and how can you refine those assumptions? – Regarding production of the pacemaker: What do you need to consider when designing the production facility?

Using your field research from the interview activity above answer the following: What insights and ideas would you include in the end-to-end pacemaker process? – Where along the process do you see supply chain and operations manager roles to be most critical?

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