Organic harvest Reflection

Organic harvest Reflection.

Help me study for my Health & Medical class. I’m stuck and don’t understand.

Please help me write reflection about working at the farm. What I did in general are plant carrot, arugula, cilantro, kale, green onion; fed chickens, quails, goats, fishes; harvest eatable flower and crops. Please read more detail in the website and answer the Doc file. The website and description is below.

Organization Description

Urban farm with the purpose to assists the community in their desire to live a greener lifestyle. It is our goal to design, build and maintain the garden that clients deserve, from hand crafted garden beds to the very best nutritional and flavor packed veggies you could never purchase from the grocery store.

Program Information

Soil work, seeding, planting, harvesting, hydroponics, aquaponics, site prep, event prep, composting, general husbandry, association of farm to table

Health & Safety/Requirements

Sun exposure, pollen allergy, animal allergy, physical limitations, bee allergy

Base from Reflection 1, and Action steps Powerpoint, please do Reflection 2 (Civic Identity)

Organic harvest Reflection

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