Pablo Neruda

Pablo Neruda.

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Poetry Presentation Guidelines

Directions: You and your partner have signed up for a specific poet (PABLO NERUDA) that represents a time period and philosophy. Your job is to become an “expert” on the poet and his/her work, and the time period in which heshe wrote. Please keep in mind that each presentation should demonstrate academic enrichment, teamwork and mastery of your subject, and be limited to approximately (10 – 12) minutes.

Each presentation should cover the following areas:

(5%) State a claim!!!! This will be the “purpose” and guiding compass to your presentation.

(10%) Biographical information: Biographical information should be provided to establish a focal point of reference for the work as well as chorological influences onby the poet.

(10%) Historical context: What was going on at that time that could have influenced or shaped the poet as an individual or as a poet?

(10%) Influences: What poets, movements, ideas, or events could have steered the direction of the poet?

(10%) Greatest Work: What is your poet known for? What does this particular work say about the poet?

(15%) Themes: Any particular themes your poet focuses one? These may include archetypes – or did your poet establish any trends?

(15%) Three poems: Analyze three poems for the class that you believe encapsulate your poet’s work and ideals.

(10%) Influenced: How is your poet transcending his/her time? Through influences one achieves permanence.

(10%) Criticism: What is the generalized critical perception/reception of your poet? How has it shifted or stayed over the years?

(5%) Sources: These should be regarded as credible sources. Some suggestions:

Pablo Neruda

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