pages, 1.5 spacing) The Conclusions section sums up the key points of your discussion, the essential features of your design, or the significant outcomes of your investigation. As its function is to round off the story of your project, it should: • be written to relate directly to the aims of the project as stated in the Introduction • indicate the extent to which the aims have been achieved • summarise the key findings, outcomes or information in your report • acknowledge limitations and make recommendations for future work (where applicable) • highlight the significance or usefulness of your work. The conclusion should be short and only extract and highlight key findings of the work

The report is Visualizing the Meadoway – Toronto Dorset Park Neighborhood Here’s the intro for you to conclude and sum up Dorset Park is a neighbourhood located in the Western portion of Scarborough. Dorset Park borders Highway 401, which is on the Meadoway, to the north of Toronto. Another park, Midland Park, is located to the east of Dorset Park. To its south, is Lawrence Avenue and to the west, Birchmount Road. The purpose of this project is to explore Dorset Park and analyze it from the point of view of different frameworks, such as ecosystem services, political ecology, and indigenous, of the park. Through these lenses, we examine how greater ecological diversity might remedy the current issues facing the Meadoway, and in turn, better the neighbourhoods surrounding it. This report also addresses issues with the site, including socio-ecological issues, socio-cultural issues, and the lack of biodiversity. From doing so, this report provides suggestions that would improve the park and well-being of the neighbourhood, ecologically, recreationally, and economically. (Two main issues exist: accessibility and lack of ecological diversity) The report is finished, still lacking the conclusion

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