paper 1-5 pages (not including references page or title page) im okay with only 1-2 pages APA formatted

Importance: Critical Thinking: We have been hearing about “fake news” in the media, and a crucial component of education is learning how to distinguish reputable sources from opinion or fake sources. A multitude of articles and books exist on parenting; however, most are opinions or advice and not based in research. As a critical consumer of information, you should be able to compare information in different articles and craft a constructive criticism of articles about parenting. Expectation: Find at least two articles either online or in parenting magazines that take opposing viewpoints on a parenting topic. Write a short summary of the article and then analyze and critique the content, determine whether or not the content is evidence-based and/or biased or “fake” in nature. The article critiques should be no longer than 5 pages, and copies of the articles or links to the articles must be provided. Examples of common parenting debates – vaccinations or not, breastfeeding vs. bottle feeding, stay at home versus working parents. You are welcome to choose one of these topics or find one of your own.

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