Paper 2 – Microeconomics – Analysis of Events:

Paper 2 – Microeconomics – Analysis of Events:.

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Course Second Half – Microeconomic Analysis:

Complete both following essays: double-spaced, as a single MS-Word or rich text format document file, numbered consecutively; length ~ 6 – 7 pages [Max] page range TOTAL, and without references listed. This is a critical thinking & analytical assignment which should be written exclusively in your own words & perspective. Few outside sources need be used, as this assignment seeks your own informed interpretation from the basis of the micro economic course content in the textbook…

Analyze your chosen topics in terms of your own economic understanding of the underlying microeconomic principles.The bulk of your essay content should be involved with the treatment of applying micro economic concepts & principles from the course content. The final paragraph should reflect your conclusions. Summary or narrative description is valued less than substantive economic analysis and supportive argument. There is a great deal of material to draw upon when presenting your analysis of micro economic concepts!

The assigned topics are as follows:

1. (4 pages) Select one of the applied policy text chapters which we did not cover, #19 – 26 (Energy, Public Finance, Anti-trust, Agriculture, Poverty, Health Care, Immigration, or International Trade) to read & study very carefully. See the final Module for the narrated lecture summary to gain more familiarity with your chosen subject. Bring this topic to life with relevance, micro analysis, and your own insight.
– Links lectures for chapter #19:…;
chapter #20:…;
chapter #21:…;
chapter #22:…;
chapter #23:…;
chapter #24:…;
chapter #25:…;
chapter #26:…;

Then present an analysis (rather than a chapter summary) which uses each paragraph to apply as many micro-economic principles & concepts from the course as possible. Try to analyze their relevance to your chapter topic. Economic analysis will be graded far higher than narrative description or summary!

Finally illustrate your topic by * analyzing a current or recent micro event which is relevant to the chapter. This may be through a firm, market, or government policy. You can check the news or search in the Library for prospective relevant & supportive examples.

2. (2 pages) Select any single Case Study from Modules #6 – 11. Analyze the essential micro economic concepts from this article and identify the practical aspects of how this topic is related to our course. How and why do you either agree or disagree with the author?
– Case Study are from these two links and files attached below:…;…;

The paper will be graded based on these criteria:
+ Clarity and overall quality of writing. Describes economic concepts accurately and in the appropriate context. Sentence structure is smooth and provides ease of understanding. Well organized presentation overall with insightful & consistently developed essays.
+ Depth of explanation & breadth of topics considered. Each concept is applied in a meaningful and economically deep / significant manner. Considers the fullest implications and inherent trade-offs which affect this topic. Analysis treats each concept fully with original critical thinking perspectives.

Paper 2 – Microeconomics – Analysis of Events:

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