Paper ADHD research topic.

Paper ADHD research topic..

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research Paper

How does ADHD influence children’s development?

I need these done in in three parts.

Part one

In a 1- to 3-page document, describe your topic and provide an outline of your final paper. Include a bibliography with at least five references that you intend to use.

Part 2- Draft/final

The draft should be at least 5 pages, or one-half the length of the Final Paper. It should consist of fully developed topic sentences. It should also include a list of at least 10 references. These references should be original sources, not course material. References must also be in APA format.

Final paper Your review of the literature on cognitive psychology should be 12–15 pages long, exclusive of references.

The Final Paper should be a review of current literature and research on an area of cognitive psychology that is of interest to you. The Final Paper should include at least ten sources, in addition to any course material used in its preparation. A minimum of five sources should be peer-reviewed articles published within the last five years.

Paper ADHD research topic.

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