Week’s readings and activities essay

1. Main Entry: Post a brief analysis of what you have learned from this week’s readings and activities. Clearly identify each segment of the required response in order to facilitate discussion development.
New Hit Miniseries: You are a scriptwriter and are creating a new character around which a new TV miniseries will be created. As you develop your character you think,
“Hmmm… their presence in the program should be rather “extreme” (i.e., their actions, behaviors, cognitions) in order to capture and hold the audience’s interest.
In fact, the character should appear to qualify for diagnoses of a personality disorder – but hey, most folks don’t know what to look for so, this will give the character depth and intrigue.”
As you think this you receive a phone call. The director wants a 150 word or less character summary in one hour…. Share with us what you will present to the director: Include in your caricature:
1. Name of your character, gender, age, occupation, other relevant demographic or physical qualities.
2. A description of your character’s personality. Weave into the description specific affective, behavioral, and cognitive examples that point to the personality disorder you have selected for expression.
3. Offer relevant background information (family, history, favorite activities, habits).

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