Assignment: All semester we have been discussing what can be done to deal with the social problems we have explored. Specifically, we have addressed what can be done from multiple levels, the individual, the group, and the society.
For this assignment, you need to implement one of the individual actions that we have discussed. In written essay you must do the following: Choose a topic/problem that we have discussed during the semester (crime, overpopulation, environmental harm, etc.).
Briefly describe that problem in your paper.* In your description you must include at least 3 course terms associated with that problem. You must also specifically define each term. You must clearly identify the chosen terms in your paper by making them bold, or underlining them. In your description you must explain how ONE of the 3 main theoretical perspectives (functionalism, conflict theory, or symbolic interactionism) explains the social problem (for example, how would functionalism explain the continued existence of crime?).
You must specifically define the theory. You must clearly identify the theory used by making it bold or underlined. Explain at least 3 actions that could produce a positive impact on the problem.* At least one of these things must be something that an individual can do about the problem. At least one of these things must be something that a group (such as an organization or community group) can do about the problem. At least one of these things must be something that a society can do about the problem (such as creating legislation).
Attempt to complete the individual action (***Your action MAY NOT be against school rules or against Texas State or Federal law). For example, if you have chosen environmental harm, you could choose to take a reusable bag to the store instead of using a plastic or paper bag. If you have chosen poverty/food insecurity, you could bring a food donation to the food pantry, or donate some clothes to a local organization. NOTE: I am fully aware that Covid might restrict some of these activities. Describe what you did and explain how what you did could produce change as it relates to the social problem chosen, using specific evidence (how many people can be fed by an individual’s food donation?).
Then, explore the limitations of individual action and explain if and how the problem may be more effectively addressed at a group or societal level. Instructions

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