Financial Analysis Program Portfolio Project

For the project, the instructions are outlined as follows: “Create a financial plan outlining a clear, financial overview for your business of choice.
Address potential financial issues in the business environment. Include relevant topics from what you have learned throughout the semester, which could include your business financial and capital budgeting plan, working capital management, short and long-term financing and overall capital structure.
Provide research examples to support the development of your Program Portfolio Project overview.” I recognize that most courses already have this as part of their content, so my focus is on your understanding of lessons learned throughout our course and applying what you have learned by incorporating these topics into your project.
If you take each topic stated above, incorporate them into the company you have selected with specifics, and present it professionally in APA format (Hint: use the template), you’ll do extremely well on the project 😉
Be sure to check your submission for (plagiarism checker), as this cannot be a copy of what you have submitted in other courses. Minimum Requirements You are required to submit a 4-Page (Title Page, 2 pages of substantial content, Reference Page), APA formatted paper with substantial content relating to the project instructions. Leverage the APA Format Made Simple Template for setting up every exercise correctly. Use the APA Format

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