First civilizations essay

In the last part of our course, we have learned about the development of the first “civilizations” in ancient Mesoamerica, Mesopotamia, Egypt, and the Indus Valley. Many archaeologists have argued that social inequality is a fundamental characteristic of the first civilizations.
Do you agree with this statement, or is it possible that archaeologists have overstated the degree of social inequality in these ancient societies? In a 300-500 word essay, evaluate this statement using examples from at least two of the four ancient societies we have studied. You will find Chapter 15 or your textbook, our lectures, and the three PBS “First Civilizations” documentaries very helpful here.
You do not need to provide a bibliography for this assignment, DO NOT use outside sources. Our course materials will provide plenty of evidence to answer this question. Here is the rubric I will use to evaluate your essay: An “A” essay is excellent. 90-100 points.
The essay is 300-500 words long and answers the question using examples from the course materials. Your conclusions are drawn from evidence and are logical and informed, and you thoroughly consider and evaluate multiple perspectives in your answer.

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