Comprehensive Final Paper: Courts

Press release: You have been selected for a newly created cabinet position in the current administration. Your task is to look at Specialty Courts across the country (or you can make it Federal….your choice–this is based on Chapter 14 in your book). Our court systems are overrun. We have challenges with drugs, mental illness, sex offenses, online crimes, social media issues, etc.
This newly created position will be responsible for a comprehensive plan to address ONE type of specialty court. Use chapter 14 in your textbook as a basis and foundation of understanding what this means. You can either chose one that already exists and write about it or design your own.
For instance, if you want to design a specialty court that deals with juvenile drug offenses or social media bullying, etc. Or if you want to write a comprehensive paper on a drug court that already exists. Parts the paper should include:
A comprehensive plan as to how the court operates: its mission and goals and procedures and processes Who specifically the courts would help and why you selected this population: make sure you show a need (this is a good place to use references to support your argument as to the why A comprehensive budget The key players that would be part of the workgroup What the hopeful outcome of implementing this type of court would be This must be comprehensive in nature.
The only requirements I am setting is: minimum 5 pages (cover page and reference page DO NOT count) minimum 3 references APA format (abstract not required or counted in page count) ]

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