Imagined Likely Self

The Assignment The Extra Credit assignment is designed to support critical thinking and preparation for future scenarios in which the skills and knowledge you acquired from this course might be relevant to you. There is an element where you will decide what might not be relevant to you in the future; the surprise and suspense will be for you to discover five years from now whether you were right.
It will also give you some practice in predictive audience analysis and writing instructions to someone, in this case, you. Read this prompt: Describe your imagined likely self on May 2, 2026.
What three things will your future self will need to remember from this course? 1- the business communication skill. 2- types of writing communication in business like memo email and memo letter, proposal. 3- communication with different people by sharing opinions and ideas like what we did in the discussion board.
Explain why you think these things are important and how you think you will need to apply them. Include details your future self would need to have in mind five years from now. Next, what are three things you don’t think you’ll need to know? Explain why you don’t think you’ll need them.
Provide guidance to your future self on how to proceed if you’re wrong. In other words, think of this as your post-graduate survival guide / time capsule for written business communication. Make this something you’d be willing to save for future reference. Imagine yourself on May 2, 2026.
Think through these questions: What are you doing for work? delivery, Food delivery tionWhat is your family/relationship situation? Good Situation What are the demands you expect on your life? Health learning, and money. Think through your vision of what you will be doing/ who you will be on May 2, 2026. Bank employee, An advanced level in Excel skills and financial analysis. obtain CFA LEVEL 1.
Think back through all advertisement design, culture and language awareness, etc. Make note. Writing Style Think again of yourself in 2026. What do you think you would need to know? Financial skills Write how you think you would need to talk to yourself five years from now. As a student majoring in Finance, a successful financial analyst.

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