Country Case Study Final Report essay

This research paper is for my Global Health course, towards my degree in Public Health. The country is Nigeria
Include a cover page with name, date, chosen country, class title and number. Font size is 12 pts and text must be double spaced. Page length is 5-7 pages.
Students will be penalized 10 points for each page under or over page requirements. References, tables and figures will not be counted towards the page total.
A list of references is required. Tables and figures are not required but recommended. Include a running header or footer with your name and the page number.
Start page numbering at 1 on page after cover page.
Begin with a short summary of the country, including location and relevant demographic indicators from Table 1. Describe the burden of disease in this country citing supporting evidence. Then, provide the reader with background information describing the political, economic, geographic, ethnic and historical context of the country that is relevant to the public health situation.
HEALTH PRIORITY (1.5-2 pages)
Select and defend the top public health priority to analyze more in-depth. Using information from the tables, explain why that is the most important at this time. Students are expected to defend their choice by appealing to criteria such as being one of the top causes of mortality and morbidity, as a leading cause of lost disability-adjusted life years (DALYs) currently or in the future, as a primary contributor to inequity, etc.
Investigate the domestic and international policy context in your country surrounding your chosen health priority. What is the policy context of this public health issue in the country? Who are the domestic stakeholders in this issue area? Which non-governmental or multinational organizations are active in this issue area? Do international trade or treaties impact on this issue area? Then, present analysis of the current efforts to address the issue in the country and the major challenges/ limitations of these efforts. Be sure to give specific examples.
Then, discuss future steps and present an argument for why more attention needs to be given to this issue. Lastly, write a conclusion paragraph that summarizes the content of the paper.

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