| Part 1 – Accounting as the Language of Business

To access a company’s financial statements,

Go to Google and type the “name of company sec 10k”
Click on the link that indicates the name of the company with the SEC filings.
Look for SEC 10k and click on ITEM 8 Financial Statements and supplementary Data
Be sure to choose a company with a product or service that you have used in the past.

In this multi-part Signature Assignment, you will conduct research on a publicly traded company’s financial statements each week and summarize your findings by answering a series of questions. These application-based activities consist of a series of business development and accounting management questions that must be addressed. The assignment assesses your ability to integrate business formation concepts (including but not limited to: type of businesses, accounting concepts such as historical values, historical values, and conservatism) with financial accounting principles and practices. The assignment also assesses your ability to analyze financial statements and accounts and evaluate strategies to encourage company success. This assignment should demonstrate your very best work and abilities.

Select a publicly traded company of your choice and access its financial statements.
Write a three-page paper about your chosen company and summarize your findings of the major financial statements included.
In your summary, include the following:
Major sections/statements covered
Dates covered for each statement
What financial statements and numbers first captured your attention? Why?
Identify five different major stakeholders

Minimum 3 page paper
APA style formatting (include title page and week number)

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