Peer Review: Strategies and Tactics

Peer Review: Strategies and Tactics.

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In this assignment, you will give and receive feedback on Final Project Section III (Strategies and Tactics).

To complete this assignment, review the following documents:

Each week’s discussion prompt will become available upon that module’s start date.

Create a draft of Final Project Section III (Strategies and Tactics) and post it for peer review and feedback. In your draft, list three to five key strategies across different marketing channels. (Note that your strategies should be in bulleted format.) You should also take the time to briefly discuss the tactics that will support your selected strategies. The submission should also include how your recommended tactics will be applied for maximizing marketing opportunities.

Respond to at least two of your peers. In your responses, provide meaningful, tactful, and specific feedback. Review this brief video to help guide your feedback: Peer Review Best Practices. What did your peers do well? What can they improve? Is there anything missing? Be sure to also respond professionally to the feedback you receive on your submission.

Note: Use the Final Project Guidelines and Rubric document to guide your feedback.

Refer to the Module Six Peer Review Guidelines and Rubric for directions on completing this discussion.

Peer Review: Strategies and Tactics

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