PepsiCo, Inc. strategy during Pandemic

Company to Focus: PepsiCo, Inc Strategy during Pandemic Focal Firm: Corporate Strategy, Business Portfolio and Organizational Governance /0x4*

A) Corporate Strategy & Business Portfolio

1. Referencing the corporate strategy defined in section

D.3., how will the corporate strategy change, if at all, after the move? Discuss the differences pre/post move.

2. Summarize and analyze the firm’s business portfolio and the relationships among the businesses using different frameworks. Define the business level strategy for each business that the firm is competing in.

3. Analyze any recent acquisitions, mergers or divestments, alliances & partnerships, joint ventures, outsourcing and vertical integration relationships and how they inform the firm’s strategy; apply course frameworks to analyze the effectiveness of these moves.

Use all tools discussed in class to support your analysis (this includes, but is not limited to, type of diversification, evaluation of the business portfolio, growth/share matrices, better off and cost of entry tests, integration strategies for mergers and acquisitions, strategic sourcing framework, ally vs. acquire framework, partner selection and governance criteria, etc.).

4. Alignment: Discuss whether and how the business level strategy aligns with the corporate level strategy.

B) Organizational Governance

1. Identify and analyze the firm’s organizational policies, values and culture and any organizational practices for managing and evaluating employees (including reward and incentive systems, etc.) and for supporting innovation. Are these factors in alignment? Why or Why not? If not, what are the implications (for instance, does the misalignment create a performance or opportunity gap)?

2. Define the firm’s organizational structure. Does the structure make sense given the firm’s strategy and its strategic move? Does the structure fit with the firm’s objectives, values, culture and org. practices? Why or why not? What are the implications?

3. Identify and analyze the firm’s initiatives to support ethical and socially responsible behavior (of employees and the firm as a whole).

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