Personal Assessment

Personal Assessment.

I’m working on a Film question and need guidance to help me study.

What did you think about the class? What essays were very interesting? What essays were not so interesting? What films/clips did you like? Dislike? Share any suggestions of future films/clips to show. In your own words, let me know what you learned from this semester and how the class affected your views/ideas on film and performances/cultural reflection. The minimum is 500 to 600 words. You will be graded on how well articulated your ideas are. Feel very free to share your opinions here!

Attached the 3 response papers we had, and I’ll attach more of readings we had in class after since I have a limit to upload.

Here is some of the movies we watched in class:

– The Family Man

– Truman

– Ordinary People

– La La Land

– Moonlight

– At the End of the Day

– Three Identical Strangers

– Coma

– Meet Me in St. Louis

– Modern Times

– A Patch of Blue

– The Apartment

– Paper Moon

Personal Assessment

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