Personal Counseling Presentation

Assignment Content /0x4*

Consider possible situations that may arise in the correctional setting that could lead you to need to seek personal counseling.

Choose three situations to discuss.

Create a 10- to 12-slide Microsoft? PowerPoint? presentation on personal counseling. Include the following:

Describe each chosen situation.
Describe the possible effects of these situations on the corrections professional.
Outline a self-care plan for each specific situation.

Note: the slide count should always be content based slides which does not include title, agenda or reference slides. Speaker notes are required as one can not make the assumption that the audience is familiar with the topic at hand. Speaker notes should be detailed and written in complete sentences. Any presentation should have notes that can articulate your thoughts and ideas that you would include if presenting in person. I encourage you to include graphics to support and enhance the presentation and remind you to employ the rules of grammar as well as APA format. In text citations are required within the speaker notes. Format any citations in your presentation consistent with APA guidelines. Lastly, a presentation, just like a paper should have an introduction and a summary.

Include a minimum of two sources.

Format your presentation consistent with APA guidelines.


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