Persuasion Speech- More recycling has to be encouraged

Persuasion Speech- More recycling has to be encouraged.

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The Document that reflects the information requested in the template, bellow. Be sure to include three main points with subpoint details. at least 500 words

  1. Practice constructing arguments in support of a single proposition/thesis; in other words, use different types of evidence to “prove” a point.
  2. Use your understanding of your audience to adapt the arguments you construct.
  3. Use ethos, pathos, and logos to persuade.
  4. Improve upon your skills of organization and delivery.
  5. Practice oral communication skills.
  6. Take a strong side on an issue and present three to four reasons why you support or oppose this issue.


  1. State and defend a controversial thesis statement. The key focus here is using your argumentation skills to support a statement that can be shown to be “true” or “false.” Be careful to avoid false reasoning.
  1. Find supporting materials. While this speech is representative of your opinion or position on the topic, your opinion is not enough to meet the standards of an argument. Find outside sources such as books, articles, websites, and interviews of experts on your topic. You must include a minimum of five outside sources for your speech; at least one must not be from the Internet. You will need to cite your sources orally during your speech. You want to convince your audience to accept your thesis. Therefore, you need to make a case in support of your thesis by using evidence. In general, evidence can be taken from your personal experience and your research (statistics, charts/graphs, examples, testimony, quotes, facts, etc.).
  1. Perform an audience analysis. This is a persuasive presentation. Speaking effectively is greatly dependent on how well you analyze your audience and adapt your speech to them. Reflect on the demographic of the class and think about their interest and knowledge of your topic. The more audience-centered your speech is, the stronger your effects on your listeners, which will, of course, be reflected in your grade. You should also use (but not solely depend on) “pathos” or emotional appeals to persuade your audience.
  1. Write an outline of your persuasive speech using the template below as a guide. Create a document that includes details for main and sub points. A persuasive speech has a desired outcome that demands a specific thesis. Be very clear on what you wish to persuade your audience to do or think. Using the template below, you should also include the following:
  • Any key research or quotes (supporting material)
  • At least five reputable sources for this speech (not blogs or unreliable websites)
  • A bibliography at the end of the outline
  • Connectives


Attention Getter:

Thesis Statement:


Related topic to audience:

Preview body of speech:

Connective to body of speech:

1st Main Point


– Supporting material:


– Supporting material:

Connective to body of speech

[Repeat this pattern for each main point]


Prepared audience for ending:

Reinforced central idea/thesis:

Vivid Ending:

Persuasion Speech- More recycling has to be encouraged

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