Persuasive presentation on Climate change

Persuasive presentation on Climate change.

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It’s a persuasive presentation on climate change. I will send more information after assigning the tutor.



Specific Purpose Statement:

Central Idea/Thesis:

Attention Step

I. Attention Getter

II. Topic Justification (“need to know”)

III. Credibility Statement

IV. Preview


Problem/Need Step

I. Statement of the problem/the need

II. Illustration of the need

III. Extent and seriousness of the need

IV. Audience involvement (“pointing”)


Solution/Satisfaction Step

I. Evaluation of proposed alternative solution

II. Statement of my solution

III. Explain the solution

IV. Illustrate/demonstrate the effectiveness of the solution

V. Refutation—Follow steps of refutation here

1. Clearly state the argument to be refuted

2. State your objection concisely

3. Present reasoning and evidence to support your claim

4. Explain clearly that you have refuted the argument


Visualization Step

I. Negative visualization

II. Positive visualization


Action Step

I. Summary

A. Summary of Need

B. Summary of Satisfaction

C. Summary of Visualization

II. Specific action for audience to take

III. Strong closing statement

Persuasive presentation on Climate change

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