Persuasive speech / wildlife conservation & how animals should be treated at zoos

Persuasive speech / wildlife conservation & how animals should be treated at zoos.

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Full sentences are usually not needed, but direct quotes can be in their original full sentence form. Most of the outline should be key-words and key-phrases. This final speaking outline should meet the following expectations.

  1. It should be neat and professional and in APA style. Use Times New Roman font, 12 point size, with 1 inch margins on all sides. I prefer the outline be single-spaced, but double spaced in-between your main points.
  2. It should have a References list at the end of the outline in APA style. Use the Purdue Online Writing Lab website for basic rules and examples of APA style citations. Four credible sources are required, with at least two of them coming from the SMC online library database. Failure to meet the minimum research expectations will mean your outline cannot earn higher than 80 points.
  3. The outline should show an outline of the Introduction, with the following subpoints. [1] Hook. [2] Clarify the topic. [3] Audience Analysis. [4] Ethos statement. [5] Thesis (preview the main points). (If you use the Motivated Sequence, then you would not need this full introduction.)
  4. The outline should show an outline of the Body. If you chose the Motivated Sequence, you should show 5 main points. If you chose the Direct Method, you should show 2-3 main points plus the introduction and conclusion. Main points should each have at least two sub-points. Main points and sub-points should demonstrate coordination, subordination, and mutual exclusivity.
  5. The outline should show parenthetical citations for when you use evidence from your sources and when you orally cite those sources. Every source on your references list should also be found in parenthetical citations in the outline.
  6. The outline should show consistent and professional notation and indentation. By this point in the class, you should no errors in indenting or notation for the outline.
  7. The outline should have a References list of all sources, in APA style. Four sources minimum and all four have to be used in the outline with parenthetical citations. Two minimum from the online library database.

Submit your work before the deadline. After the deadline, you will be assigned 3 peer reviews to complete. Use those to see how others are developing their outlining skills, and to give you a chance to identify areas of excellence and areas for improvement. Use the rubric in your peer review, and write additional details into the rubric for full credit.

Persuasive speech / wildlife conservation & how animals should be treated at zoos

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