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General Psychology

You may select 2 of the following options.

1.Please submit a 10- slide powerpoint (with reference/works cited slide at end) on a

mental disorder of your choice. You can discuss the nature, causes, symptoms,

prevalence, treatments and/or therapies involved with the selected disorder, famous

people with disorder, etc.

2.Students may conduct a book or movie review in which the character displays some type

of mental disorder. Discuss in your review how they exhibit those symptoms and what

you may have done differently if you were them. How you thought their disorder affected

their life and the lives of others around them? (3 pages, double-spaced, 12 point font

with references page at end). Some movie choices to consider: (A Beautiful Mind,

Donnie Darko, Reign Over Me, Temple Grandin, Split).

3.Interview someone that may provide you with insights on some aspect of psychology.

This could be an instructor or researcher. But of far greater interest would be an

interview with an individual who has a unique perspective due to his or her own personal

situation. A few examples: Discuss with a small child what his or her conception of the

world is like. Ask an elderly person for insights on the effects of aging on his or her

perceptual and cognitive capacities. Talk with someone who has a perceptual deficit

(blind, deaf, loss of smell, loss of taste) in order to learn what his or her life is like. Ask

someone with a neurological condition (CP, ALS, MS, MD, Alzheimer’s) what life is like

with that condition. Talk to someone with a mental illness (How do they perceive it? Do

they think they are mentally ill? What is their experience like?). In addition to asking

about your subject’s general experience, during the course of your interview you should

also inquire about how your subject manages to cope with his or her condition. If you

want, you could also submit a video of the interview.


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