Picking cotton draft

Picking cotton draft.

I’m working on a Law exercise and need support.

Based on the book Picking Cotton by Jennifer Thompson. Write a descriptive paper based on the topics “Prison Life” and “Sentencing” based on the book. Attached are the instructions for the paper and the grading rubric.

Keep in mind, while writing the paper, you must state who is in charge of sentencing or prison life. The three components of law are law inforcements, police, and corrections.

For this paper, please use simple grammar as English is not my first language

Please follow all of the instructions in the attached document

The other instructions are:

This paper should not have any introduction, just get right to the facts of the book

Whenever something is referenced from the book, add in the page number.

Using an online summary of the book is not acceptable. You may listen to the book on audible or read the book.

The paper must be done in APA format, the citation for the book is attached below.

Picking cotton draft

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