Pirates on the high seas

Pirates on the high seas.

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assignment addresses the following outcome:

  • Write an independent research paper on one aspect of the history of piracy using evidence from course material and outside sources to support your arguments (CO#1, CO#2)

Throughout the term you have located and gathered evidence for your final project from outside sources as well as the Defoe text. In this paper, you will now apply your selected evidence properly to make a historical argument about piracy.

The Final Project is a comprehensive assignment that spans most of the term. To complete this assignment, you must choose a topic related to pirates and write a research paper. The paper must address an issue related to Atlantic pirates, such as gender, race, economics, or culture, pirate codes, or the study of a particular pirate to name only a few. You are encouraged to consult with the instructor for advice on conducting independent research and selecting a topic.

Defoe’s book represents the most significant primary source on the study of pirates, and you are expected to draw heavily on this source in writing your research paper. In addition, you are expected to find at least three other outside sources in completing the assignment.

You will submit your Final Project in the following steps throughout the semester. In Module 2, you submitted your topic choice. In Module 3, you submitted your Annotated Bibliography. In Module 5 you submitted your Outline with a thesis statement. Now, in Module 7, you will submit your Final Project paper. Finally, next week, in Module 8, you will share your findings in a discussion post.

Your research paper should include:

  • An introduction to your topic, including your thesis statement
  • A body of several pages that develops your thesis and includes supporting information from your research
  • A conclusion that synthesizes the information and ideas you have presented and provides your conclusions
  • A complete reference page that includes both your outside sources and any course materials you used

The Final Project (not including the cover and reference pages) should be 6 pages (1500 words) double-spaced in 12 point Arial font. Sources should be cited and referenced in either APA or Chicago/Turabian format.

Pirates on the high seas

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