PJM380 MOD5 Discussion post responses 200 words each

PJM380 MOD5 Discussion post responses 200 words each.

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Please respond to both POST1: and POST2: in at least 200 words each. I have included the professors original post only as reference.

Professors original post:

Recent advancements in project management have emerged, transcending the traditional model for project development.

Compare and contrast the advantages and disadvantages of the waterfall planning model with the Agile PM approach. How are the duties of the Scrum Master similar to or different from a project manager?


Within the world of project management, there are different methodologies that can be used in the planning and execution phase of a project. While some organizations might prefer one method over another, there is no single right one to use. However, before one is chosen, it should be examined to see if the features, advantages, and disadvantages are the right fit for the project.

Waterfall Planning Model

The waterfall planning model is a more traditional and formalized method. Waterfall planning involves thorough planning and structure of the project prior to the development of the deliverable. Scope, time, and cost are formalized, and any changes must go through a formalized process (Grech, 2015). The project manager’s role is to ensure the successful completion of each lifecycle following the established scope, time, and cost.

Agile Methodologies

Agile approaches in project management allows for more freedom in the project management process. It allows for stakeholders and the customer to prioritize the deliverables and make adjustments along the way. Managing scope changes can be faster, but this is not always the case. While there are additional creative freedoms, there still is a framework in place. There is accountability and an assessment process to ensure the measurement of the deliverables is meeting the needs of the customer. In these projects, there is an assigned scrum master. It is the role of the scrum master to help teams overcome obstacles to achieve their goals (Martinelli & Milosevich, 2016).


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Hello Class,

Waterfall planning and Agile planning are both used in planning and executing a project. The Waterfall planning model takes after its name where one activity must be completed before moving on to another like a waterfall starts at the top and works its way down without deviating from its path. According to the writers at Guru99, the waterfall methodology will only move in sequential order, so the team will only move on to the next step or testing once the previous step is completed (2020). A disadvantage of this is it can hinder development if the project needs to be adjusted the team can not move back to make changes from a previous phase as easily as they could in the Agile approach.

The Agile approach is a bit more, for lack of better term fluid. It allows the team to go between development and testing activities at the same time. An advantage of this is it allows constant communication between teams which will hopefully develop stronger and better-tested projects since they can discuss testing and further development directly after prototypes have been made. This model takes more expert managing since there is a less structured design to follow.

A Scrum Master utilizing the Agile method is more a coach and faciliatory while a project manager will help more to manage the project timeline, resources, and overall scope of the project (Frederico, A. 2015). According to Martinelli & Milosevich (2016), the Scrum Team is responsible for analyzing, designing, developing, testing, communicating, and documenting product increments. The Scrum Master is responsible for problem-solving any issues the team may have that will hinder the project outline. They will help ensure the scrum process is properly used.

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PJM380 MOD5 Discussion post responses 200 words each

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