“Plan, Do and Report”

“Plan, Do and Report”.

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Project Final Report Assignment

Instructor:Don Kalescky

The following will give you some guidance for completing your final project report.You have completed the preliminary four staged assignments and culminating now in your final report.

The purpose of this project has been to provide you practical experience in preparing a business report using statistical analysis based on a “Plan, Do and Report” process.

This final report is worth 40 points of the project point total of 100 points.

You have not limited to feedback as each assignment has been assigned, including the final report.I will be glad to review “drafts” or questions as you progress.

  • If you are not familiar with business reports it is suggested that you spend some time doing so.There are guidelines in Business Communications textbooks, on line resources and from me.
  • Consider the following organization:
    • Introduction
    • Executive summary
    • Body of the report
    • Addenda (references, appendices, and index)
  • Make your first draft.
  • Review your draft(s) and then make your final draft.
  • Be sure to include your sources.
  • Make your report professional.A professional report reflects well on the author and the absence will detract from your conclusions.
  • Reports are to be typed.Hand written reports are not appropriate in business.

Submit your report via Blackboard.

“Plan, Do and Report”

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