Please answer the questions- African American Dance

Please answer the questions- African American Dance.

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Please answer each question. A short paragraph response for each.

Ballet I

1. What are your feelings about the stereotypes used against African Americans in their pursuit of ballet? Pick three and refute those notions. Support your arguments.

2. Choose three African American ballet artists who would be an example of the failure of the above stereotypes. Explain and support your choices.

Ballet II

1. How did LINES, Dance Theatre of Harlem and Complexions navigate through the archaic thinking of the Early and Middle periods of ballet? What are the distinguishing movement or thematic traits that stand out in each ballet company? Glean your response from viewing the corresponding videos and the text.

2. What were the similarities of War Dance and the beginning years of Michaela DePrince’s childhood?

Please answer the questions- African American Dance

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