Please post your responses for the article (20 sentences and reply to the 2 posts with 6 sentence each

Please post your responses for the article (20 sentences and reply to the 2 posts with 6 sentence each.

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1- Please post your responses (20 sentences or more with websites and/or visual examples) to the article link above Please share what you learned, did not know, how the topic/learning changed your view toward the topic now, and more with classmates.

2- reply to the 2 post with 6 sentences each one

a- I knew that drawing as accurately as possible required drawing it exactly as you see it. However, I didn’t know that there was a certain way to look at it. It makes sense that in order to draw complicated you have to start simple. Starting with seeing the different geometrical shapes in the object gives you a good base to start with. From there, you can build on the drawing and make it more complicated. I never thought about the human body being comprised of cylinders, cubes, and spheres but once you see it that way it’s much easier to draw. Perspective is very important to have, especially at the beginning. If you don’t have the right perspective, you won’t get very far. Having the sight to see the geometric shapes is essential in order to begin. A drawing is much more than lines. It requires three-dimensional shapes like the cylinders, cubes, and spheres in the article to give it volume and have a position in space. Dimension is what makes an object life-like and stand out from the paper. If it’s not made up of these shapes, then it will be two-dimensional like squares and circles and be flat. Once you have the perspective and ability to see and draw the cylinders, cubes, and spheres, you’ll be able to draw practically anything. I’m looking forward to gaining that perspective this semester. I think that will be the most difficult part to grasp. However, once that’s mastered, the drawings will flow and come easier. I’m excited to work on my drawing skills as well as perspective. I can’t wait to see what drawings come out of this semester. Hopefully at the end of it, we’ll all be practically professionals! The drawing below is an example of seeing shapes in an ordinary object.

b- This article was very interesting to me. I did not realize that almost everything that we draw is derived from a cube or a cylinder. Once you master how to properly draw a cube you can draw a sphere from it. You can go from that to a rectangle to a cylinder. All these shaped make up everything we draw. The human body can be made up of all cylindrical shapes, cubes, or even a combination of these. a majority of things are not made up by just spheres due to the fact that not everything is perfectly round. To challenge your drawing skills you can also make an ovoid shape from these. An ovoid shape is a bit harder to make due to the face that it is egg shaped and not perfectly round. It is as important as all the other shapes because it makes up a good majority of things we draw as well. In the end, mastering what we consider basic shapes is extremely important in drawing more complex pictures.

Please post your responses for the article (20 sentences and reply to the 2 posts with 6 sentence each

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