Please read the “Something’s Rotten In Hondo” case and write THREE separate letters (downward,upward & lateral)

Please read the “Something’s Rotten In Hondo” case and write THREE separate letters (downward,upward & lateral).

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Please read the “Something’s Rotten In Hondo” case

Directional Communication (Downward, Upward & Horizontal)-Resendez

READ the Chapters regarding directional communication before you begin this assignment.

You will write THREE separate letters (downward,upward & lateral), using proper formatting for the letters. Please remember that Turnitin is enabled for this assignment.

Once you have decided on your course of action from the case, you will write three letters: one to your boss, one to your peers and one to all employees. This is why it is called DUH – “downward, upward and horizontal”. In each of these letters, you will be advising each audience what your decision is, but as we discussed in class, we alter the way we write or talk as well as how much information we share based on that audience. So it’s one decision written to three different audiences. That’s why it’s worth 3 of any regular assignment in our class.

1. Using the HONDO case, you will assume the role of the character of George Mackee for the purpose of writing all three of the letters.

3. Write an UPWARD letter to Bill regarding your decision, keeping in mind how Bill dropped the whole decision into your lap (as stated in the case). You need to remember to remain professional in your dealings with him, and the blame game never gets you anywhere.

4. Write a HORIZONTAL letter to your contemporaries (other managers at other plant locations) to gather information to help you in making your decision(s). In this case, you need to concentrate on gaining their help- they are peers, and you are basically asking for a favor from them, so write your letter accordingly.

5. Write a DOWNWARD letter to your employees regarding the actions, decisions, consequences of your decision and how it affects them personally. This is the most difficult of the three letters, so I am providing a few hints. Do not make the mistake of oversharing if your decision is negative. Recognize that although managers deal with these issues all the time, employees do not. Remember that ANYTHING you write to employees will wind up in the local paper by the next morning. So write it that way.

6. Be thorough in your letters. Include details; be vigilant with spelling, punctuation, grammar, etc. Use Times New Roman, 12 point font, and 1 inch margins.

Please read the “Something’s Rotten In Hondo” case and write THREE separate letters (downward,upward & lateral)

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