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Below you will find the reading Work Rules! you can use that for citations.
QUESTION: 1. Giving performance reviews, and engaging in effective performance management practices, can be tough. Some of our readings suggest that companies are no longer doing performance management, others advocate doing it, but customizing it to what works best at a particular organization. If you were consulting for a company, and giving them recommendations for how to design an effective performance management system, what would you suggest? What would be the benefits and drawbacks to what you propose? Ultimately, would you recommend using a performance management system in the organization?

QUESTION: 2. If you were a Human Resource Manager, and you had to advise your company as they are hiring for several positions, what best practices would you recommend? For example, how much emphasis would you put on the job descriptions, and what would you indicate that they need to include? Similarly, if you were looking at the pool of candidates for a position, and trying to make decisions about who to bring in for an interview, what considerations would you advise them to look out for, particularly regarding the gender and ethnicity composition of their selection pool? What guidelines would you give them for hiring for current, open positions, and hiring well (e.g., how might you think about using measures that are reliable and valid)?

RUBIC: 1.) The answers are clearly articulated (both in content, and audibly) and understandable

2.) The answers realistically addresses the question and promise to have an important and real impact. There is enough

detail to understand how the answer could be implemented.

3.) The content of the answer clearly connects to the course readings and content through paraphrasing, direct quotes, and citation
4.) The method for implementation is understandable and related to the broader course content

5.) The answer includes a proposed time frame for implementation that is both clear and feasible

6.) The answer seems viable and as though it could really be implemented

7.) It is creative and presented in a compelling, thoughtful, and persuasive way

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