Political Geography

The class I am in is Political Geography and this is the topic. Use the concept of analysis to cover the paper, act like your talking as if you are me.The topic is to explain the reasoning a nation will politically have in taking over a territory. You will also explain what territories and boundaries are along with the benefits that come along with it. The MAIN IDEA is use the previous nation of the USSR during the times of the Cold War and compare it to Russia’s current governing body and the differences between how they politically act over territories.

How the states of the USSR and the CURRENT Russian Government act over territory due to nationalism and other causes. In the essay it is very important cover these main points I am going to list. Compare the differences of the two governments at their times, explain how place and space affected their territory. Explain how these states act over territory. Explain claiming powers also in the paper. Also analyze How and why the USSR and the current Government of Russia enact in claiming power. and how An act of warfare or an aggressive move to show dominance.

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