Pre-, True-, and Quasi-experimental Designs

Pre-, True-, and Quasi-experimental Designs.

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For this discussion, refer to the quantitative pre-experimental, true-experimental, and quasi-experimental research studies that you found in the Capella library. Summarize each study briefly using the Article Analysis Worksheet and discuss the following aspects:

  • What are the differences in sampling among the studies?
  • How did the design (pre-experimental versus experimental versus quasi-experimental) differ among the three studies?
  • What were the findings of each of the studies?
  • What are the defining features of each that make it pre-experimental, true experimental, or quasi-experimental?

Note: Use the Article Analysis Worksheet to prepare your discussion post but do not post the worksheet to your discussion thread. Instead, use the information you gain in the analysis to craft a narrative of the findings to post to the discussion.

Consult the G.R.E.A.T. Discussion and Feedback Guidelines With Checklist document to craft your discussion post.

400-500 words

Pre-, True-, and Quasi-experimental Designs

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