Press Release for Winter Ecology

Each student will write a draft of a press release. This draft should be minimum of 500 and a maximum of 600 words and be composed of three units: (1) introduction of the general relevance of the issue at stake, (2) explanation for why the GTA is a good test case for this and (3) a comparative discussion of the class-based results. Write this short article in the style of the Globe and Mail, Toronto Star, New York Times or other similar serious newspapers. Your target audience hence is an educated general public. /0x4*

You will need the fully populated map with dots representing travel distances to grocery stores of all BIOB38 students (the TA will assemble the dots onto the map; the average travel distance of each student (± standard error), including the shortest and longest travel distance as the basis for your written assignment. You absolutely need to refer to this data in the third part of your text

For parts (1) and (3) of your text, you can focus on any or all of these following suggestions: geographic/sociological patterns of access to fresh & healthy food, implications for lifestyle and health, comparison of the GTA with other mega cities. You can also choose your own smart topic, mine are just professorial nudge

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