Problem Solving

Problem Solving.

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The Assignment

Bill Ptacek has asked you to provide him a report with recommendations to help him out with the dilemma laid out at the end of the case. Of course, you will provide alternatives along with your recommendations and an implementation plan, with timeline and budget. You should be very careful of “yin and yang” problems.

Assume the current year is 2010, and that the “plan” is the “The Year 2020 Plan.”

Please make sure this reflects your best effort – think hard about the options, don’t just throw out the first thing that comes into your head. Ask yourself – why is my answer wrong. Think critically and reflect from multiple perspectives. But make sure you approach the final recommendations as if you were walking in Bill’s shoes. Avoid excessive regurgitation of case materials.

Your “briefing” presentation will be to Bill.

The 15 page should exclude 3 page of executive summary+ graphics + tables

Make sure executive summary 3 page of single spaced

You should provide me 3 files Word + Excel + PPT,Thanks.

Problem Solving

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