Program Plan Outline

Write a 5-page program plan outline for the product that you chose for this project. Your outline should include the following: /0x4*

Introduction Executive summary Operations program outline Quality plan outline Supply chain plan outline Transportation and logistic plan outline Purchasing and inventory plan outline Cite your resources (e.g., the textbook, the selected organization’s website, journal articles, personal communication, etc.) in APA format.

Follow the Standard for Format for Academic Papers in the OSCM Program guidelines. Submit your assignment to Turnitin. Be aware that it can take up to 48 hours to receive feedback. Submit your work by the due date indicated.

Note: The feedback that your instructor provides while grading this paper needs to be incorporated into your Project – Final Plan, which is due on Saturday of Module 6. PS: In attached a example of how the paper have to be. My product is a Cookies made and sell locally, you can use any kind of logistic book.

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