Project #3: Resume and Cover Letter

Project #3: Resume and Cover Letter.

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Project #3: Resume and Cover Letter

For this assignment, you will create a resume and cover letter for a specific job or

internship. Think of this as an opportunity to develop a cover letter and resume

that you might actually be able to use now or after you graduate.

Remember that resumes and cover letters are not simply lists of your skills and

descriptions of your qualifications. They are rhetorical in nature in that they are

arguing that you are the person for the job. These must be powerful, clear, and

persuasive arguments.

These documents also are your first opportunity to showcase your

communication skills. Remember that communication and writing are very

valuable commodities in the business world. The resume and cover letter should

give the hiring manager a good first look at these skills.

A couple of things to consider about this assignment:

• You should create a new resume, one that you have not used previous to

this class.

• Your resume and cover letter should be specific to the job you are applying

to. Think about the rhetorical situation here.

• Your cover letter should not simply be a summary of your resume. You

should be able to be persuasive and innovative in your cover letter.

Project Components

1. Job Posting: Choose a job posting from a jobs site such as,,, or the SDSU career web site:

( This can be a job you are

qualified for now or an internship.

2. The Resume: Create a resume specific to the job you are applying to. This

resume should be visually appealing, free of errors, and accessible to your


3. The Cover Letter: Remember that the cover letter should bridge any gaps

that may be present in your resume and should connect to the job

description as well. We will review more on cover letters in class.

Project Guidelines

• All project components must be typed, saved, and submitted to

Blackboard. Use a font and style that you feel suit the genre and your

audience. Think carefully about this.

• Design your document to be visually appealing, scannable, and accessible.

• All assignments must be submitted on time.

• Be sure to include your job posting with your final project (you can provide

a link, a pdf of the web page with the posting, copy and paste text of

posting to Word, etc.).

Grading Criteria

• Do the resume and cover letter show adequate development?

• Are both documents designed for easy navigation and reading?

• Are the resume and cover letter free of all typos, and are they correct


• Are they sensitive to rhetorical concerns (audience, purpose and context)?

Are they persuasive?

• Do the resume and employment cover letter epitomize the purpose and

design conventions of the genres?

• Has the job posting been submitted?

Project #3: Resume and Cover Letter

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